• Business Incubation Centres

    Helping you succeed in Canada and China

    The Canada China Business Council Business Incubation Centres (BICs) in four distinct locations (Calgary, Montreal, Beijing and Shanghai) have one objective in mind – your business success.

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  • CCBC in the News

    CCBC meets SH Party Sec’y HAN Zheng

    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 15.17.27

    Sarah Kutulakos joined the Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, who met Shanghai Party Secretary HAN Zheng while in Shanghai attending CCBC’s AGM. Mssrs Chretien and Han discussed Canada-China issues, including the outcome of the recent election.

  • 37th AGM Photos

    Photos from the 37th AGM are now available in high-resolution

    Click below for instant access to the 37th AGM photos, which include the Gala Banquet, Policy Conference Day and more!