Joint Luncheon with Ian Burchett, Canadian Consul General in Hong Kong & Macao (Vancouver Event)

CCBC and HKCBA co-hosted a joint luncheon for Ian Burchett, Canadian Consul General in Hong Kong and Macao at the Four Seasons in Vancouver on June 20. Mr. Burchett has served abroad in New York City, Beijing and Washington D.C in various capacities. He further advanced Canadian trade and economic interests in the Gulf States, China, Taiwan and South Korea. In 2009, he received the Canadian Public Service Award of Excellence for support to the Government of Canada’s response to the 9/11 and other consular emergencies. 

Hon. Teresa Wat, the new Minister of International Trade, Multiculturalism and Asia Pacific Strategy for British Columbia, also attended the luncheon. She delivered opening remarks. Over 50 guests participated in the round table discussion on the impact of Canadian business in Hong Kong and Hong Kong's role as a gateway to China. Mr. Burchett shared his insights about Hong Kong’s political evolution and the opportunities for Canadian businesses moving forward.

CCBC would like to thank event sponsor McMillan and event co-host HKCBA for their continuous support.

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