CCBC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Guidelines

The CCBC is pleased to offer its members timely and valuable information on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to provide a foundation of understanding regarding the expectations of Canadian society when doing business within its borders.

Canada has been the recipient of considerable investment from China and a growing trade in goods and services sold into Canada. Canada also continues to be a major source of purchased materials and agricultural products as well as an investment opportunity in clean-tech, manufacturing, banking, real estate, mining and insurance.

For Chinese companies investing in Canada, or carrying out other commercial transactions in Canada, an awareness of the very different cultures, business practices, legal systems and roles of government is critical to success.

In Canada, there is a different understanding than in China of a corporation’s responsibilities, objectives and relationships to society and the various levels of government.

The CCBC Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines have been developed by the CCBC to help potential investors in, and traders with, Canada find useful resource materials and to ask the right questions of their potential partners, acquisition targets or suppliers. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been interpreted very broadly here to also include issues surrounding bribery, corruption and lobbying government.

CCBC acknowledges with gratitude the significant contribution of Chris Twigge-Molecey of Hatch in the creation of these guidelines.



本指南由加中贸易理事会撰写,旨在为那些有意在加拿大开展投资、与其建立贸易关 系的人士提供帮助,方便其找到实用的信息资源,了解其潜在的合作伙伴、收购目标与供 应商。本指南对“企业社会责任”的解释非常广泛,还涉及贿赂、腐败和政府游说等相关 议题。