About Us

The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is the country’s leading business, trade and investment facilitator and advocate. Founded in 1978 as a private, not-for-profit business association, CCBC provides unparalleled insight into Sino-Canadian trade and investment issues and develops connections that ensure its members’ business success.

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  • Business Incubation Centres

    The Canada China Business Council Business Incubation Centres (BICs) in four distinct locations (Calgary, Montreal, Beijing and Shanghai) have one objective in mind – your business success.
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  • Council Overview

    The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is the country’s Canada-China bilateral business, trade and investment facilitator, catalyst and advocate. Founded […]
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  • Founding Members

    1983 AGM China 2
    Ten member companies that in 1978 had the wisdom and foresight to provide CCBC with foundation funding.
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  • Benefactors

    business people
    The CCBC Benefactor is a member category that is comprised of companies that support CCBC staffing and services geared towards […]
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  • Board of Directors

    CCBC’s Board of Directors is a key resource that speaks with insight and authority on Canada-China trade and investment issues, providing guidance for both the Council and its members companies.
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  • CCBC Offices

    CCBC has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Beijing, and Shanghai – ensuring that members companies in both Canada and China have access to the resources and expertise necessary for their success.
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  • Events

    CCBC meetings and events bring the best and most effective companies in China and Canada together. Our business events offer CCBC members privileged opportunities to engage Canadian and Chinese officials, fellow executives and private-sector specialists.
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  • Press Releases

    Read about the CCBC activities that are shaping the Canada-China trade and investment landscape.
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  • Annual General Meeting

    CANADA & CHINA: A MULTI-PRONGED APPROACH October 29-30, 2014 - Beijing, China Beijing, October 2014--Last year's 36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and […]
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  • Careers

    CCBC's website is a great place for members and non-members to advertise China-related career opportunities. For more information, please send an email to garrick@ccbc.com.
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