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Daqing Olympic Park Project

 CTC selected by the Daqing Government to provide design built project for a speed oval, ice rink and curling complex in Daqing city 


CTC Industries (Beijing) Ltd., the strategic partner in Asia of CIMCO, a division of Toromont Industries Ltd. from Canada., was selected on November 22, 2011 by the Sports Administration of Heilongjiang Province to design built a new sports on ice training center that will include one 400 M X 13 M speed oval with one Olympic size ice rink and curling, using state of the art system art and green technology. 


This project of 150 millions CAN$ value, including a contract of approximately 9 million CAN$ for CTC, will be one of the largest sports project undertaken in Asia in 2012, and is scheduled for opening in the spring of 2013.


The Daqing Olympic Park project is featuring a 6,000 seats multi purpose stadium, swimming pool, and the speed oval, ice rink and curling sports complex. After the completion of the Olympic Park, it will be China Northeast’s largest winter park, incorporating urban functions to expand the urban leisure space. It will play an important role for the city’s image and economic development.


CTC is a leading company in the field of ice and snow technology, and other industrial refrigeration and cooling application, providing turn-key project, from design-concept, engineering, technologies, after sales service and facility management. It employs approximately 110 peoples in Asia, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore, and a factory in Beijing East.









西姆科工业设备(北京)有限公司是CIMCO公司在亚洲的独家代理和战略合作伙伴。CIMCO公司是加拿大特罗蒙德工业有限公司(Toromont Industries Ltd.)的一个分支。在2011年11月22日,西姆科公司非常荣幸的正式被黑龙江省体育局选为奥林匹克公园冰上运动中心的设计方与承建方,负责包括一个400M*13M的速滑道,一个奥林匹克标准冰场以及三条冰壶道的设计与施工。现今尖端的制冷及环保技术均应用于场馆的设计之中。








For additional information on the subject please contact:   

Johnny L. Wu

Vice-president of Sales





Mobile: 13910933528

Tel.: 010-65923086

Fax: 010-65935218


Room 2302 E-Tower No. 12 Guanghua Rd

Chaoyang District Beijing, PRC 100020




Daqing Olympic Park Speed Oval Project



Government Procurement Contract



西姆科工业设备(北京)有限公司是CIMCO公司在亚洲的独家代理和战略合作伙伴。CIMCO公司是加拿大特罗蒙德工业有限公司(Toromont Industries Ltd.)的一个分支。西姆科公司非常荣幸的被黑龙江省体育局选为奥林匹克公园冰上运动场馆的设计方与承建方,负责包括一个400M*13M的速滑道,一个奥林匹克标准冰场以及三条冰壶道的设计与施工。现今尖端的制冷及环保技术均应用于场馆的设计之中。此合同由西姆科公司和当地政府及体育局签订,总价为八百七十万加元。这一合同加强了“来自加拿大卓越的冰雪技术”在中国的影响力。项目的第一期合同总价为七百二十万加元。项目的二期正在积极谈判过程中,包括CTC的EcoChill热回收系统,二期合同总价将超过一百五十万加元。


Summary of Signed Agreements

CTC Industries (Beijing) Ltd., the strategic partner in Asia of CIMCO, a division of Toromont Industries Ltd. from Canada, was selected by the Sports Administration of Heilongjiang Province to design and build a new ice sports training center that will include one 400M X 13M speed oval, one Olympic size ice rink and 3 curling sheets, using a state-of-the-art cooling system and green technology.  Totaling $8.7 million CAD, the contract, signed with the local Chinese government and the China Sports Administration, reinforces the reputable label of ‘Made in Canada’ technology for ice and snow projects. Phase 1 of the contract amounts to more than $7.2 million CAD.  Phase 2, which is in advanced negotiations, consists of CTC’s EcoChill heat recovery system with a value exceeding $1.5 million CAD.  


甲方: 奥林匹克公园项目建设指挥部

Party A:  Olympic Park Project Construction Headquarters

地址: 大庆开发区建设大厦9-11室

Address : Daqing Development Construction Building, Room 9-11

法定代表人: 孟维华| 大庆市奥林匹克公园项目建设指挥部主任

The legal representative: Meng Weihua | Daqing Olympic Park Project Director







Party B: CTC Industries (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Address: Room 2302, E-tower, No. 12 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

法定代表人: 柯路奇| 总裁兼首席执行光

The legal representative: Guy Cloutier | Chairman and CEO