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CCBC in the News

  • Sarah Kutulakos on BNN

    CCBC Executive Director, Sarah Kutulakos, was recently interviewed on BNN: Trade agreements vs. China's human rights: Can they co-exist?

    Click here to go to BNN's website and view the video.

  • A Taste of Canada on Phoenix TV!

    A Taste of Canada took place on Saturday, June 25, 2016 with a sold out house, a great band, and Canada's best cuisine and wine - it was a night to remember! Phoenix TV was at the event and shared the excitement with China!

    Anchor introduction: "2016 is the year of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between Canada and China. In the afternoon of June 25, A Taste of Canada - Canada Day Celebration was held at Phoenix Center in Beijing. Distinguished guests include the Canadian Ambassador to China and the Executive Director of Canada China Business Council."

    Reporters, CHEN Qi, LIU Jian: "A Taste of Canada - Canada Day Celebration was held at Phoenix Center in Beijing on June 25. Mr. Guy Saint-Jacques, Ambassador of Canada to China, attended the event. As 2016 is the year of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between Canada and China, he hopes to increase economic and trade ties between the two countries through this Canada Day event."

    Guy Saint-Jacques: “We hope to increase cooperation with China in such areas as trade, science, education, tourism, and so on. We hope more Chinese people will choose Canada as their tourist destination. We also welcome Chinese companies invest in Canada, as Canada has an excellent investment climate."

    Reporters, CHEN Qi, LIU Jian: "Also present at the event was Ms. Sarah Kutulakos, the Executive Director of the event organizer, Canada China Business Council. She believes that Phoenix Center is very attractive and represents many aspects of the new Chinese economy."

    Sarah Kutulakos: “We think this place (Phoenix Center) is both interesting and influential, which works well in attracting people to attend the event. We also think this venue represent the new China and a new aspect of Chinese economy. It brings lots of opportunities, especially in terms of exporting products to China. It’s a perfect venue for such an event.”

    Phoenix TV, CHEN Qi, LIU Jian, reporting from Beijing.

  • CCBC attends meeting with Premier LI Keqiang

    Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien met this week with Premier LI Keqiang, who suggested the bilateral relationship is ready for a return to its “golden years.” CCBC's Chairman Peter Kruyt was a participant in the meeting, where Mr. Chretien noted CCBC's long history of engagement in the bilateral relationship.

    Executive Director of CCBC, Sarah Kutulakos, further confirmed Mr. Chrétien's significant influence noting that he is “still highly respected in China.”

    To read the full article on The Globe and Mail website, click here.

    Article source: The Globe and Mail
    (photo credit: CP DC Press /

  • We are now accepting nominations for the Canada China Business Excellence Awards!

    Biannually, the Canada China Business Council presents these awards to organizations that have played an innovative and leading role in expanding and nurturing bilateral business relationships.

  • CCBC’s Op-Ed in The Globe and Mail

    CCBC President Peter Harder co-authored an op-ed titled "Close the China-sized gap in Canadian trade policy" for The Globe and Mail.