Business Incubation Centre – Tenant Testimonials

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Access to the CCBC office and resources, the government contacts, introduction to local suppliers as well event planning and management enabled ProSlideto reduce cost, create operational efficiencies and optimize schedules. CCBC’s focus on high quality service and their friendly accommodating approach is a perfect match for the ProSlideculture.

Ron Chisholm, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Operations, ProslideTechnology Inc

The (Pyrotek) Beijing office is a very big thing for us. We have an office in Shenzhen, but that’s far from the action, this is a great location. We save money on an office, a secretary, and can dedicate resources to support the staff. Very convenient for us for travel and access to services, we plan to be there for several years.

Marc Frechette, Product Manager, Pyrotek

With the office and the incubation platform, there is always somebody there for support so that my staff isn’t working in isolation. Also, thanks to the Centre’s communication network, we don’t have to physically be there to train our staff –it is a really viable way to operate. It seems to be something that minimizes the risk and doesn’t make I as stressful and as big an investment as it would be if I was to open up a business and invest in inventory and the infrastructure that would be needed. That’s the important thing.

Doug Sharpe, President, ElastoProxy

Over the past several months, the Montreal Business Incubation Centre of Canada China Business Council has been of great support to our business project. Through business support from CCBC, I opened our Chinese law firm’s office and Sunflower Consulting Group Inc. in the Business Incubation Centre. The Montreal office not only provides us a superior office environment, but also very strong support, including establishing a professional  network, resources sharing as well as training of business culture. I deeply appreciate CCBC’s help, I am deeply moved by their devotion. The team is not only an extraordinary resource, they also are warm and caring. I believe I will achieve great success in my legal career with CCBC’s help.

Fu Ying, General Manager, Sunflower Consultant Group

The CCBC Business Incubation Centre in Montreal provided DJM Asia with the strategy and the business support that allowed our projects to grow and reach maturity. Communication support, business development and ideas are only a fraction of the different areas in which CCBC’s network across Canada and China is certainly a winning choice for companies wishing to establish firmly within Canada’s entrepreneurial fabric.

Danielle Jiang, President, DJM Asia

I am convinced that becoming a member of CCBC and joining the Business Incubation Centre services in Shanghai was one of the best business decision I have made since I launched Canada-China Consulting. Being able to use a China address and phone number on my business card and web site gives me immediate credibility to potential Chinese partners. The Incubation centre allows me to benefit from a nice meeting room, a personal workspace, and most important, support from a brilliant staff that are dedicated to my success. I would recommend joining the Incubation centre to all start-ups or established companies who seek to explore the wonderful Chinese market.

Denis Richard, CEO and VP China Division, Canada-China Consulting Inc.