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by Sarah Kutulakos
Published in The Globe and Mail on June 16, 2017

Canada won't be the only place where we'll be celebrating our country’s 150th birthday. The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is organising a Canada Day Fair in Beijing on June 25 that promises to be the largest celebration of Canada outside our borders.

Sixty different Canadian organizations will participate in an unprecedented event that will attract over 2,000 on-site guests and customers and provide them with the opportunity to sample and purchase Canadian food, wine, and consumer products. There will be cooking demonstrations featuring Canadian lobster, beef and seafood, a Kids Zone, and live Canadian music bands. An F1 racing car and electric car, both made in Canada, will be on display. There will even be a hockey arena with real ice in the middle of summer! The promotion and selling of Canada doesn’t stop there. Please visit our website at to see who is involved.

Ecommerce is also a major component of the event. We will be reaching and selling to over 850 million active users in China through our sponsors and partners. Not only does CCBC have a solid social media following in China, our Canada Day presenting sponsor, Destination Canada, and the Embassy of Canada are well established online. Destination Canada had over 3 million video views last year alone, and the Canadian embassy in Beijing has over a million followers on Weibo. It also works with many media partners for the promotion of Canadian content in China, bringing Canada’s message and our Canada Day event to the 850 million users on Wechat and 600 million registered users on Weibo., a Chinese e-commerce company, one of our major partners, reaches 200 million active users and has its own dedicated live-broadcast channel. Our Canada Day Fair will be broadcast across China, facilitated by Destination Canada and, and the scope of this live stream is massive. Canadian companies participating in the event will be featured so users across China purchase Canadian products in real time. Viewers will learn how to use the products and cook Canadian food using recipes from across our country. They can purchase everything that is featured–not only food and beverages, but also items ranging from Canadian-made skin care products to high-end housewares. This opportunity shows the great demand China has for Canadian products and services.

One significant key to success for Canadians striving to thrive in China is making connections with Chinese businesses. The day after the Canada Day Fair, all participating companies are attending a seminar hosted by the Canadian embassy that will focus on ecommerce in China and highlight best practices. In the evening, a sold-out gala dinner will bring these Canadian businesses together to meet and network directly with Chinese distributors, exporters, and importers who want to market Canadian products in China.

The bottom line is that Chinese consumers want Canada in China. Now, more than ever before, is the time for us to bring Canada to China.


Click here for more information on CCBC's 150th Canada Day Fair in Beijing.

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