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The CCBC Benefactor is a new category of member, comprised of companies that support CCBC staffing and services geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canada and China. Member feedback tells us that the work we do with SMEs places them firmly on a path to success – benefiting all members and undoubtedly raising the bar for Sino-Canadian trade and investment. The new Benefactor category is a key step towards fulfilling SMEs’ requests for increased assistance, and attracting Canadian SMEs that are not yet active in the Council.

Benefactors receive front-of-the-line member-benefits that reflect their commitment to and interest in CCBC’s activities. Benefactors will also receive additional benefits, as described below.

CCBC Member Services and Additional Benefactor Benefits:

Services Available to All Members Additional Benefactor Benefits

Business Advisory Services

One additional no-charge briefing or speech to executives or clients per year. Topics can be strategic or tactical, depending on your business needs.

Business Operation and Administrative Support

No difference – heaviest users of these services tends to be smaller firm members that will not be Benefactors.

Business Intelligence

Advanced access to and information from any research project that CCBC runs or collaborates on with other organizations.

Missions, Meetings, Seminars, & Events

  • Participation for your CEO in CCBC’s CEO Advisory Council, comprised of the CEOs of Founding Members and Benefactors. This group meets once a year for an exclusive briefing by a speaker of interest who discusses strategic issues and provides input to CCBC’s Board of Directors.

  • Benefactors have special access to key CCBC events and activities. They receive top priority for visits from public officials, senior Chinese business leaders, and incoming delegations, and receive access to information sharing with private and public decision makers in China and Canada.

  • Early notification on sponsorship opportunities for major events
    Advance invitation/registration priority for limited-attendance events
    Priority for hosting seminars or delegations (for Benefactors who express an interest)

Trade and Investment Advocacy

Opportunity to shape advocacy agenda through Benefactor access to and input into CCBC’s advocacy initiatives. This includes participation in the CEO Advisory Council.

Marketing/recognition through member news and links in membership directory on web

  • Special CCBC web page recognizing Benefactors, with additional information on Benefactor companies available on the CCBC website.

  • Benefactor recognition in appropriate written materials and signage at events.

  • Benefactor recognition in CCBC’s house ad in Forum magazine.

Quick Facts:

How much is a Benefactor membership?
$15,000 CAD per year.

How do I become a Benefactor?
Call Sarah Kutulakos at 416-954-3800 x311 to let her know you would like to be a Benefactor, and CCBC will handle the rest.

What happens to my current membership?
We will upgrade you on a pro-rated basis. If your renewal date falls within three months, we will invoice you now for the pro-rated amount and your membership renewal at the new rate. If your renewal date is more than three months in the future, we will charge only the pro-rated upgrade.

What happens to the Founding Member category?
Founding Members are a group of ten companies who, in the late 1990s had the wisdom and foresight to provide CCBC with foundation funding. This funding enables CCBC to offer unmatched service and support to its members in both good and bad economic times. CCBC is forever grateful for this support and will continue to recognize Founding Members as our top level of membership.

Founding members pay annual membership fees just as any other member, and they may choose to remain on the revenue-linked membership structure or to upgrade to Benefactor. When prioritization is required, the order of priority will be: 1) Founding Member Benefactors, 2) Founding Members, 3) Benefactors, 4) Members.

CCBC always welcomes new founding members. Interested parties can call the Executive Director to discuss.

Membership Fee Summary

Annual Benefactor Membership
(not linked to annual revenue)
Global Membership (linked to revenue)
Worldwide Annual Revenue Membership Fee
Under $10 million* $1,500
$10-50 million $3,000
$50-250 million** $5,000
Over $250 million $7,000